Alter X Artifact is an adult LGBTQ+ Webcomic inspired by Japanese manga. It is certainly not the first of its kind. It just feels more honest to talk about its format candidly. I hope it may even go to print one day.

Alter X Artifact is about magic and political espionage. It’ll be serious but also very silly. Although the intended audience is 21+, many of the chapters will resonate with a younger audience as well. So please whoever you are, I hope you enjoy this series. Feel free to comment below each page as intended!

Just make sure to read responsibly; just because a character does something you don’t like doesn’t mean it reflects the people who’ve created the work. Media is meant to explore things one might not be able to otherwise. It’s why this comic exists in the first place.

Please enjoy your stay and start reading here!

The comic isn’t uploaded by calendar date, but checking in every Friday may be the best way to catch more news and updates. This is a big project so there might not be new pages every week!